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      Member companies

      Rugao Tianpeng Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

      Views:4002         Author:admin2         Publish Time:2017-04-13

            Rugao tianpeng metallurgy co in response to national advocacy resource recycling-oriented scientific and technological enterprises, is wholly owned subsidiary of shuangdeng group. Company is located in Rugao Harbour economic development zone, fine chemical industry Park, the factory covers an area of 35 acres, plant construction area of nearly 20,000 square meters green area of nearly 3000 square meters. Company of used lead-acid batteries as the main raw material, using high-temperature reduction of secondary lead production. To dispose of used lead-acid batteries each year and 100,000 tons of lead waste, producing 60,000 tons of refined lead regeneration. The company has invested more than 4.6 million dollars in environmental protection equipment, set up the complete removal of sulphur, dust filtration system to ensure discharge.

           Rugao tianpeng Metallurgical Company Limited was established in 2005, is a used lead-acid batteries as the main raw material, using high-temperature reduction of production of regenerated lead refined lead, alloys, in response to national advocacy resource recycling-oriented scientific and technological enterprises, the year may dispose of used lead-acid batteries and lead-containing waste using 100,000 tons of recycled lead 60,000 tons of refined lead, alloys. Rugao was founded in January 2005 by the original project development plan and economic and Trade Committee with Gao and trade "2005" 3rd, approval of the project document; April 2005 by the Nanjing Institute of environmental sciences and environmental impact reports on July 27, 2005 Jiangsu environmental protection Bureau Sue loop "2005" 194th document granting approval; construction began in July 2005 and was completed in April 2006. December 2006 revision of the EIA report of the project in February 2007, Nantong city environmental protection Bureau to pass loop "2007" 8th text revision of the environmental impact statement examining the approval in February 2007, by the Jiangsu provincial Department of environmental protection Su Huan "2007" on the 32nd article give a written reply on the revised environmental impact report. In February 2007, approved by the Jiangsu provincial environmental protection Bureau was put into operation. May 28, 2007 Jiangsu provincial environmental monitoring Center conducted a monitoring of the project. On August 22, 2007, commissioned by the Jiangsu provincial environmental protection Bureau, Nantong city environmental protection Bureau, Nantong city, organized by the Jiangsu provincial environmental monitoring center, detachment of environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring central station, Rugao, Nantong city environmental protection Bureau and other relevant departments inspection group consisting of representatives of Rugao tianpeng metallurgy co annual production capacity of 60,000 tons of refined lead regeneration project for the environmental protection completion acceptance.

           The project meets Sue loop "2005" No. 340, documents relating to environmental impact assessment report of Rugao economic development zone along the Yangtze River in the reply of the "West piece industrial park focusing on the development of fine chemical industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgy and electricity" industrial planning requirements.

           Shoto is a has more than 20 years industrial lead acid battery production history of enterprise, is China chemical and physical power industry association and China battery industrial association Deputy, Chairman of units, "national heavy contract and trustworthy with enterprise", and industry only of "national environment friendly enterprise", and "China famous trademark", and "national focus high-tech industry group", and "China electronic information hundred strong enterprise", honors winner. Shoto always adhere to the strategic cooperation with scientific research institutes and innovative scientific research, established and advanced energy development and Research Center, jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences academician workstation, post-doctoral research station, a State-level Enterprise Technical Center and Nanjing Institute of technology development, undertake national 863 scientific research projects and developing forward-looking high-end new energy projects in the world.

           2010 Shoto response national environmental policy call, firm advance green low carbon career, faithful of practice "new energy, and cycle sex, and hi-tech" concept of belief guidelines, from design development, and green procurement, and system management, and cycle recycling, and energy emission reduction five big links focus management, promoted social progress, bear Enterprise responsibility, January 2010 in industry downturn Shi decided to full funding acquisition original Zhangjiagang chemical group its Rugao days Peng metallurgical limited, build lead regeneration resources cycle industry chain, formed battery Lead battery regeneration-regeneration resources industry, with a focus on recycling, developing high end new lead alloy materials, achieving group recycling strategy, serving the local recycling economy, creating industry recycling economy demonstration base.

           In order to reduce environmental pollution and improve employees ' working environment. Days Peng company and Tongji University, and South Normal University, and Kunming metallurgical high specialist, colleges carried out research cooperation, July 2012 company discontinued implementation years processing waste lead acid battery 100,000 tons, and regeneration fine lead 60,000 tons technology, advance waste lead acid battery harmless of processing utilization project, the project belongs to industry structure adjustment Guide Directory (2011 this) encourages class 19th article (light) 17th paragraph in the of "waste lead acid battery resources of harmless of recycling", meet national existing industry policy. Company on production process and equipment for has series update transformation, eliminated has original artificial plus half mechanical waste lead acid battery split solutions equipment and fuel reflection furnace, used advanced wet method pretreatment process (fire method melting process), using automatic broken points selected system, and energy environmental melting furnace, to clean gas for fuel, using automatically cast ingots equipment, added environmental equipment and on original environmental facilities, and detection equipment upgrade transformation, increased automatically monitoring system, supporting transformation other auxiliary facilities.

           Peng is the 2011 provincial environmental protection Office's 36 first announcement normal production and recycled lead, one of the lead-acid battery. Heavy metal pollution prevention funding in 2011 receive 16 million yuan of the central support.

           New renovation project on October 24, 2012 Nantong economic and Informatization Commission adoption of Rugao tianpeng metallurgy limited annual processing of used lead-acid batteries, 100,000 tons of refined lead regeneration of 60,000 tons of technical innovation project energy audit approval review (section-the political "2012" on the 27th).

           On December 12, 2012 Nantong economic and Informatization Commission annual processing of used lead-acid batteries, 100,000 tons of refined lead regeneration of 60,000 tons of technical innovation project notice of filing (filing number 3206001205341).

           On May 17, 2013, the Jiangsu provincial environmental protection Bureau to process changes to give a license approving authority (Su Huan "2013", 77th).

           June 2013 technical renovation completed, companies have resumed production, during the production of the Rugao environment monitoring indicators to meet the requirements.