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      GFMJ(OPzV) Series VRLA Gel Battery

      The GFMJ (OPzV) series tubular gel battery is the product developed by SHOTO through the international advanced gel technology with outstanding performance and has been widely used in the world. With tubular plate, corrosion-resistant alloy materials, special gel electrolyte, micro-pore separator and advanced heat-sealing technology, GFMJ series battery devotes itself to provide more stable and reliable backup power for communication ,energy storage and electrical systems .

      Shoto Mall

      Main Applications

      Deep cycling energy storage application

      Solar& wind energy storage system

      Off-grid & bad-grid hybrid sites

      Floating applications for telecom sites


      Long life design for cyclic or float application

      Excellent charge acceptability and deep cycling performance

      Excellent over discharge recovery capability

      Superior charging & discharging ability in low current

      Extend service life under high temperature

      Technical Features

      According to DIN-40742 standards, design life of 20 years

      Tubular plate & special gel electrolyte,which can prevent active material falling and avoid acid stratification

      High stability and security, millions of batteries are in service

      Higher thermal capacity & better thermal diffusivity