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      6-FMX Series Front Terminal Battery

      Shoto Mall

      Main Applications

      Back-up power for communication and signal system

      Back-up power for electric power system & nuclear power station

      Solar and wind power generation energy storage system

      Back-up power for military & navigation

      Back-up power for UPS & emergency lighting


      15 years designed life

      Adopt the TLS patent technology with reliable sealing

      Unique design for monomer structure, complete range of models with wide choice

      Mature product technology and stable operation

      Technical Features

      The plate is with the structure of big grid and block, and is made of special alloy through special process of quadric basic lead sulfate, which improves specific energy of the battery and prolongs the cycle service life

      Positive grid is made of special multi alloy, which overcomes the shortcomings of early capacity loss. It has long service life under both float charge and cycle utilization

      Add special additives to the positive and negative plates, improve the utilization of active material and charging acceptability

      High-purity electrolyte and special additives

      Adopt assembled maze seal structure and welding process to ensure the safety and reliability of seal