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      6-GFM series

      Shoto Mall

      Main Applications

      Backup power for telecom and signal system

      Military field, railway system, power system

      UPS & emergency lighting system

      Fire alarm and security system


      10 years design life

      Safely and reliably sealed

      High energy density, low internal resistance and low discharge rate

      Excellent charging acceptability and high sealed reaction efficiency

      Technical Features

      Adopt high strength ABS plastic, compact structure for battery container and valve, good impact resistance, and shock resistant performance

      Adopt multi-element alloy grids, low internal resistance, good corrosion resistance ability and charging acceptability

      New production process for plate, improve the utilization of active material

      High-purity electrolyte and special additives(ZL02112896.0),low self-discharge

      Multi-layer seal technology and special seal glue, no leakage and no acid mist escape, safe and reliable