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      Location: Home > Recruitment > Training
      Grasp New Opportunities, Start a New Journey and Create New Advantages—SHOTO Group 2014 Marketing Training Conference Successfully Concluded
      Group market in 2014 Congress on December 31, 2013 to 2014 5th held in Shenzhen dameisha ZTE successfully.
      A Trip to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point
      Orienteering training at the Military Academy at West point, not only man's physical, intellectual, and directional skills test under environmental stress the ability to quickly make the right judgment and decisiveness and adaptability
      SHOTO Group U.S. Benchmarking Study Tour
      April 22 – May 1, Shoto Group held a "United States benchmarking study tour", backbone of trainees involved young managers, a total of 16 people, training around the "world view" and "leadership development" two theme design.
      To Learn, To Practice—SHOTO Group 2013 Taiwan Innovation Study Tour
      On May 26, 2013-31st, Shoto Group of 29 members of the middle and senior managers, and company management into the island of Taiwan, embarked on a 6-day Taiwan innovation study tour.