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      Location: Home > Unternehmen > Honors
      Shoto, the Only Title Holder of National Eco-friendly Enterprise 2008 Industry-wide
      Upon the recommendation of provincial environmental protection authority, the assessment of the National Eco-friendly Enterprise Assessment Panel
      Shoto Products Honored as Encouraging Eco-friendly, Green and Quality Products 2014
      Upon rigorous selection and evaluation by the Review Committee, the products of Shoto Group Company Limited, Runyang and Fulangte under Shoto have been included in the Directory of Encouraging Eco-friendly
      Shoto Again Honored as One of Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises
      Shoto was recently honored as One of Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises 2014 by the Ministry of Industry and Information, far outranking its peers and becoming a five-time winner of this title for the past 7 years.