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      Enterprise Culture
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      Enterprise Spirit:Keep Climbing; Never Stop!
      Enterprise Spirit:Keep Climbing; Never Stop!
      We have always practiced the deep-rooted enterprise spirit of “Keep Climbing, Never Stop!”
      “Motivated Innovation” expects all SHOTO members to be motivated, flexible and conscious in selecting new pursuits and innovation during strategic transition
      “Virtue Minded” requires that SHOTO put social responsibility first in development in the low carbon era and make it a corporate quality. SHOTO members are also expected
      to be virtue minded to work together to build a harmonious, people-first, vibrant and developing business!
      Cultural Essence
      “ Wise and Inclusive Keen and Innovative Diligent and Self-disciplined
      Cooperative and Devoted ”
      “Wise and Inclusive”: Learn more and make intelligent innovative achievements; be inclusive and open-minded and improve corporate competitiveness with the wisdom and
      professional spirit of “bees”;
      “Wise and Inclusive”: Learn more and make intelligent innovative achievements; be inclusive and open-minded and improve corporate competitiveness with the wisdom and professional spirit of “bees”;
      “Wise and Inclusive”: Learn more and make intelligent innovative achievements; be inclusive and open-minded and improve corporate competitiveness with the wisdom and professional spirit of “bees”;
      Personality Traits
      Society, Customer, State, Employee, and Shareholder Minded
    1. State Minded:Respond to state development strategy, insist on restructuring in accelerated development and advancing energy conservation and emission reduction on the basis of structural optimization, attach importance to ecological protection and developing green and clean resources, realize coordinate development between the enterprise and resources and environment;

      Society Minded:Pay attention to people’s livelihood and social progress in rapid development, increase public welfare efforts and be a “socially responsible” corporate citizen;

      Customer Minded:Develop the ideas that service is for future, make a strategic ally with customers, eye on long-term values, and customers are always our responsibility;

      Employee Minded:Insist on people first, practice the idea of common development between the enterprise and employees, and spread the talent-gathering culture that retain talents with a sense of belonging, a career, great benefits, regulations and culture;

      Shareholder Minded:Safeguard shareholders’ interests and create sustainable profits.

      Corporate Mission:
      Store Big Love and Green Energy

      Defining the industry direction as reflected in “Develop New Energy, Create New Future”, our new corporate mission has shown our social responsibility, our “Great Virtue” and our naturalism. Our products designed for green and harmonious development, and our strategic industrial layout and management have demonstrated SHOTO’s “Big Love” to the society.

    2. Corporate Values

      Always Respect Nature and Truth! Go with Nature and Win the World with Virtue!

      Development Concept

      Motivated Development, Optimized Resources, Continuous Innovation, and Business Continuity!

      Competition Concept

      Innovate Standards, Go beyond Competition, Face the Greatest Rival of All—Yourself!

      Market competition-oriented, understand market competition rules and adapt to changes in market environment and competition pattern.

      Customer-centric, meet customer expectations faster and better to create competitive strengths.

      Market Concept:Market is the First Workshop

      Always emphasize the importance that market is the first workshop, and emphasize market innovation and new field expansion in the strategic transition period.

      Work Concept:Achievements are the best honors.
      Conscientious, Devoted, Responsible, Dedicated

      Talent Concept

      Without Borders, Non-equilibrium, Natural Selection, Common Achievements

      Without Borders: Talent introduction and learning without borders. Fight for international talents, start global business and give full play to everyone’s potential; advocate continuous learning and adeptness in learning, encourage employees to tap their potential.

      Non-equilibrium: Guide system and mechanism innovation with the “non-equilibrium” idea, develop talent employment and incentive mechanism, provide new platforms for the capable and bring the interests of the talents and the fate of the enterprise closer.

      Natural Selection: The mechanism of natural selection and survival of the fittest.

      Common Achievements: The Company and employees develop their career in SHOTO and achieve their life value.

      Talent Management Idea


      Make SHOTO members happy and be happy to serve the society.

      (1)Strive to ensure lifelong education and growth for all;
      (2)Strive to ensure growth and career development future for all;
      (3)Strive to ensure contribution from and income growth for all;
      (4)Strive to ensure strong spiritual sustenance and harmonious cultural environment for all;
      (5)Strive to ensure good health and happy family for all;
      (6)Strive to ensure good mood and a sense of ownership for all.

      Learning Concept
      Learn for Wisdom; Succeed through Learning; Practice What’s Learned; Self-disciplined and Conscientious.

      Learn for Wisdom—Keep learning and become knowledgeable talents;

      Succeed through Learning—Lead a quality life through learning;

      Practice What’s Learned—Be extensive, open-minded and inclusive in learning, practice what’s learned and combine knowledge and action;

      Self-disciplined and Conscientious—Be self-disciplined and conscientious even without supervision. Always do the smallest kind things; never do the least vicious things.

      Execution Concept

      Ability determines the future; execution determines what is accomplished.

      Business Survival Concept

      The Fittest and the crisis-minded survive.